Contingency Table Analysis
for Ordinal (sequenced) Categories


This screen computes several statistics from a table whose row and column categories form logically ordered sequences. It differs from John Pezzullos original version by accommodating a table with more than five rows and/or five columns.

Enter your cell counts into the table below. Use comma or tab to delimit cells and newline between rows.

Rows, and Columns

Concordant Pairs = , Discordant Pairs = , Tied on X = , Tied on Y =

Gamma = , z = , Kendall's test for significant association: p-value =

Other Statistics...

Somers d.xy = , Somers d.yx = (Analogous to slopes of fitted lines.)

Kendall Tau-b = , Kendall Tau-c =

Reference: Alan Agresti, Analysis of Ordinal Categorical Data, Wiley, 1984, Chapters 9 and 10.

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