LODS -- Logistic Organ Dysfunction System

This page computes the LODS score and predicted mortality, based on the methodology of Le Gall, et al. in JAMA, Sept 11, 1996 - Vol 276, No. 10, pp 802-810.

Using the pop-up menus, enter the patient's physiological parameters. If a measurement is missing, set it to a normal value so that the corresponding score is zero.

As you set each measurement, the program should update that measurement's severity score, the composite score for that organ system (equal to the largest score in that system, not the sum of the scores), the overall LODS score, and the predicted probability of death. [Depending on your computer and/or browser, you might have to click somewhere off of the popup menu (on the background of the page) or click on the "Compute" button in order to trigger the recalculations.]

To reset all the parameters to their "normal" default values, click the "Reload" button on your browser.

Neurologic System...
Glasgow Coma Score
Neurologic System Overall Score
Cardiovascular System...
Heart Rate (beats/min)
Systolic Blood Pressure (mm Hg)
Cardiovascular System Overall Score
Renal System...
Serum Urea
Serum Urea Nitrogen
Urine Output (L/day)
Renal System Overall Score
Pulmonary System...
PaO2 (mm Hg)/FiO2
Pulmonary System Overall Score
Hematologic System...
White Blood Cell Count (10^9/L)
Platelets (10^9/L)
Hematologic System Overall Score
Hepatic System...
Hepatic System Overall Score
Total LODS Score
Probability of Death (%)

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