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About this Web Site

The Interactive Statistical Pages project represents an ongoing effort to develop and disseminate statistical analysis software in the form of web pages. Utilizing HTML forms, CGI and Perl scripts, Java, JavaScript and other browser-based technologies, each web page contains within it (or invokes) all the programming needed to perform a particular computation or analysis.

These pages use various techniques to accomplish their magic:

These pages have been created by volunteers contributing their expertise and efforts. They reside on computers all over the world, interlinked into a comprehensive statistical analysis package that's freely accessible over the Internet. It is a practical embodiment of the concept of distributed software, and exemplifies the finest tradition and spirit of the Internet -- people making their knowledge freely available worldwide.

Your contributions to this collection are most welcome. Please let me know of any interactive statistical calculating pages you have created (or have encountered on the Web) that aren't on this site, and I'll add links to them. Or just send me your comments and suggestions for making this web site more useful.

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